A Creative Marketing Agency in Kent - Putting Results First

Through creative marketing, we make sure you are attracting and engaging your audiences across all of your platforms.

We ensure your brand is amplifying a consistent and unified image, wherever and however your prospects find you.

We create irresistible online content carrying compelling messages that will attract exactly the right kind of business.

We will improve your brand image, raise your profile, attract new customers and grow your business.

As a digital marketing agency in Kent, have delivered effective B2B marketing campaigns for over 25 years to both large, high profile corporations to SMEs in Kent and the South East. Every B2B audience is different - we’ve successfully navigated the unique nuances of B2B marketing to deliver on campaign goals and business growth in a professional manner and committed way. 

Strategy, Creative, Web Development, Campaign Delivery
What we do


Strategy, Creative, Web Development
Strategy, Creative, Web Development
Strategy, Creative, Web Development
Strategy, Content, Creative, Identity, Web Development
how we work

creative marketing campaigns delivered in house

You will be allocated a dedicated and experienced Account Director who is your main point of contact.

Our creative marketing agency in Kent will work with you to fine-tune your strategy based on your aims and objectives. They are responsible for overseeing and managing the delivery of every aspect of your account.

They will work with our in-house team of specialist creatives, developers, copywriters and videographers, monitoring output to ensure consistency, quality and above all amazing results.

As a creative marketing agency in Kent, we offer the following services:

Creative Design 

Our experienced B2B creative design team are committed to quality and consistency. We specialise in design for all kinds of media platforms, so your customers can engage with your brand on any device. Our dedication to aesthetics ensures that your design can catch the eye of each and every visitor. 


At Tiga, we are committed to developing unique creative designs that will enable you to start building an identity for your brand, as well as expressing your deepest core values and the purpose behind your business at the same time. 


B2B Strategy


We specialise in creating robust B2B marketing strategies for your brand's individual needs, starting off by establishing which direction your business is heading and how our team is going to take you there. The B2B marketing-sphere is constantly growing and evolving with new platforms and tactics and so your strategy needs to do the same. As a digital agency in Kent, will assist you in transforming your business goals into strategies that produce stable, long term lead generation. 


Innovative B2B Web Design


We have a committed team of skilled in house web developers, crafting B2B websites that are specially designed to suit the needs of each client, their brand and business goals. With our team of creatives, engineers and strategists, our team will plan, design and ultimately build functional accessible and aesthetically pleasing B2B websites on a number of platforms.  


B2B Content Marketing


Quality content services and automation is more important than ever when it comes to traffic generation, awareness and search engine optimisation. We design compelling content marketing campaigns to improve the visibility of your website, the authority of your brand and topical relevance of your website. 


Our experts in digital marketing in Kent can help you to build your brand's reputation as an industry leader by grabbing your target audience's attention in an efficient and productive way.


B2B Advertising 


The potential payback of successful advertising campaigns can transform the ROI of any marketing budget, but the list of options can often seem endless making it difficult to choose the right pathway for your needs. Our team will work closely with you to offer advice on what we think is most suitable, testing at every single stage to identify the positives and negatives. We rely on quality communication and will keep you informed on each step we take. 


B2B Campaigns


A well thought out and well executed B2B campaign can deliver enhanced traffic and capture that all important ‘attention’ of your target audience. We track campaign engagement across multiple channels, delivering consistent messages designed to encourage an ever deepening bond with your target customer and ultimately a conversion. 

Frequently Asked Questions

About Tiga - who are we?

As a creative marketing agency in Kent, we have delivered effective creative campaigns for over 25 years. We are a talented team of in house designers, web developers and marketing experts with a passion for delivering business growth for our clients through irresistible online content and creative marketing campaigns.

Who do we work with?

We don't just offer digital marketing services in Kent! Having worked with Mitsubishi, Sony and Samsung, we have mastered the unique nuances of B2B marketing, branding and strategy. We are a trusted creative partner for a number of established medium to large corporate organisations.

Where are we based?

Our digital agency in Kent is 37 minutes from the centre of London. Meopham is a great central location for serving our Kent, London and Essex client base, however, we have clients based all over the UK and internationally. We can very easily visit you in surrounding areas such as London, Essex and Surrey

What creative marketing services do we offer?

We believe that effective creative marketing commands attention. As your customers' attention spans shorten, it becomes harder to reach and connect with your audience. We turn your business development needs into a clear and coherent online strategy, executing on the design and development to deliver a compelling message to your audience.

How will creative marketing impact your brand?

We know that B2B marketing can be difficult, but will have a long-lasting impact on your audience and deliver on your KPI’S. As a creative agency, we will identify your audience, develop elements to hold their attention and influence them to take action, boosting your market share and helping your brand to be visible in a competitive market.

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We love to share 

We’ve learnt a few things over the years that we thought you might find useful. If you’re running your own business or marketing a company please feel free to dip in and read. For example, read our ultimate guide to B2B marketing for 2023 here! 

If you’re looking for a creative marketing agency in Kent, don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions—we’re more than happy to help.

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