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    Marketing Agency in Essex


At Tiga, we understand the importance of a bespoke marketing plan for B2B clients. You need to capture your audience and keep them engaged throughout each stage of the buyer's journey. With the right marketing tools and techniques, you'll streamline your sales funnel and create more opportunities for profits. 

Our marketing agency in Essex will help you throughout your journey. With a plethora of creative marketing services, we create compelling marketing strategies designed to attract and engage your audience across all platforms.. It all comes down to you and your business: what are your aims? What results do you hope to see? Following a consultation with one of our expert advisors, we'll develop a plan that helps you see the results you deserve. 

We've been in this industry for over 25 years, establishing ourselves as a leading marketing agency near Essex. If you want to enhance your brand image, build a solid online presence and grow your business, you've come to the right place!


In house creative marketing near Essex - handled by the experts


Unlike other marketing agencies, we don't palm off our responsibilities to someone else. We handle everything in-house, thanks to a team of extremely talented individuals. Tiga is proud to be home to exceptional web designers, developers, marketers, content writers, and much more. We're a creative enterprise that delivering on our promises. 

You work closely with an Account Director that guides you through the process. All of your questions can be directed to them, and they work alongside all of our in-house teams. We find this is the best way for both of us to work together, ensuring we're all on the same page. 

What can we do for your business? Well, our marketing agency near Essex will assist with the following:

Creative Design

At Tiga, we know that you need to stand out from the crowd. Your brand has to reflect where you are and create the right impression. Therefore, we have creative design services that ensure all elements of your brand are uniquely designed. We listen to your business goals and values, then develop designs that reflect this. 

In turn, this creates the foundations for a brand image that your customers can connect with. We don't use stock designs or templates here; everything is bespoke and designed by one of our talented employees. 

B2B Strategy

You'll never see results without a concrete strategy in place. B2B marketing is already tough as you have a much smaller target audience to appeal to. Not only that, but marketing trends change all the time, so it's easy to have an outdated strategy. 

With our experience and knowledge, you'll soon have a strategy that benefits your business. We create a plan that will lead you to success and allow you to generate more leads and customers. Talk to us; tell us where you want to take your business, and we'll take the wheel!

B2B Web Design

The majority of your leads will first interact with you via your site, so it has to be up to scratch. Our web developers will construct a website that elevates your business above all others. The aesthetics will be geared towards your brand image and present you as a modern, professional company. 

Furthermore, we put a strong focus on functionality and UX. Both of these web design elements are key for user satisfaction and SEO. Rest assured we equipped you with a responsive web design that provides a website that functions across all viewing platforms and performs when you need it to.

B2B Content Marketing

Let us set up and develop a content marketing campaign that drives inbound leads to your business. Our outstanding team of content developers can create anything from simple blog posts to gorgeous videos. We consult with you to figure out what type of content works best and will attract the most leads. 

B2B Advertising

When done correctly, digital advertising results in an impressive ROI. With over 25 years of experience in this field, we've learnt how to operate profitable advertising campaigns. Let our B2B agency take over everything, creating bespoke ads that attract hot leads. We constantly track these ads and tweak them to ensure they remain as effective as possible. Everything is tested and retested to ensure we find the best ways of advertising your business. 

B2B Campaigns

We don't just create a marketing strategies, we also set up the entire campaign for you. Again, when done correctly, this will drive so many leads to your business - through increased web traffic and brand awareness. It starts by understanding your target audience and building the campaign around them. If we understand their typical desires and behaviours, we will develop a winning B2B campaign for your company. 

Everything is tracked and monitored by our team to be sure things stay on course. We look at all the different marketing channels to see which ones perform better than others. Tiga continuously alters ideas to ensure your campaign stays on top. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about us?

About Tiga - Who are we?

Tiga is an experienced creative marketing agency that was established over 25 years ago. We deliver a plethora of digital marketing services for B2B clients. Marketing is our passion, and we hope this is reflected in the level of detail we give to each client.

Where are we based?

We're a marketing agency near Essex, so we're based towards the South of England. Our office is under an hour away from London, so we serve a lot of clients in this area.

Who do we work with?

Many of our clients are based in the South East area, but we work with businesses across the UK and the world. We've worked with huge brands from lots of different industries - feel free to check out our case studies for more info.

What creative marketing services do we offer?

As a marketing agency near Essex Tiga produces an extensive array of creative marketing services for every client. We specialise in B2B marketing, offering everything from web design to digital advertising.

How will creative marketing impact your brand?

A great marketing strategy will have an overwhelmingly positive impact on your brand. It is the best way to engage your target audience and generate leads. With our creative marketing services, you will see improvements in engagement, allowing you to reach your goals and see an incredible ROI.


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