• Who  are you  talking to?
    Who are you talking to?

It’s impossible to talk to all of your prospects as individuals...

...but what you can do is segment them into like minded groups and adapt your tone of voice so it’s most likely to resonate with that particular group of individuals. Adapting the way you communicate with your different audiences or segments doesn’t just relate to the language you use,it should also inform:


Who are you talking to?


The content format

Some people want to read a detailed report whereas others just want highlights in the form of a short video or top tips.

The outbound channel

The temptation is to e-mail prospects into oblivion because it’s cheap and fast – but is it really working for you? We all know what it feels like to be bombarded with relentless emailing from a particular company. Even if you’re interested in a product or service offering, you’ll either keep deleting or eventually opt-out. Some of your segments may not respond to emailing and may respond better to direct mail. Judge each segment separately and change the way you communicate from time to time to keep it fresh and interesting.

The media channel

Go to the media that your audience is reading – as well as industry trades, consider publications and broadcasters that focus on a vertical sector or even a specific job role.

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