With many years of practical experience in B2B marketing, we know exactly what it takes to craft impactful marketing campaigns that drive real results. We understand that marketing to the B2B audience is very different in comparison to B2C marketing. Having mastered these key differences our B2b marketing consultants can apply what we have learnt to take your marketing strategy or customer acquisition strategy to the next level. We’re dedicated to providing our b2b clients with the skills, resources and tools needed to create a robust and well thought out campaign to make your audience sit up and take note.  Here is what to expect from our B2B marketing consultancy:

- We are professional in everything we do

- We are committed to the success of your business

- We are friendly yet honest in our service and approach

- We are creative in our marketing ideas and suggestions

- We are generous with the ideas we suggest 


Although we are based in Kent, our consulting services are not limited to the local area. We have clients throughout the UK and around the world. So, no matter your requirements or business type, we can help you to achieve more. 


25 years of consulting experience

At Tiga, we have more than 25 years of experience in B2B marketing, and so you can be sure that we have all of the years in our locker to provide you with the best possible marketing consultancy service for your B2B approach.

Our B2B Marketing Consultants


Steve Chatman - Director and B2B marketing consultant 

Steve has developed and delivered creative b2b marketing strategies and campaigns for over 17 years. Steve is a great asset to work with on any project. His insight and management skills have enabled many businesses to achieve engaging and innovative results on a variety of digital campaigns.

Stuart Coe - Managing Director and B2B marketing consultant

As an Agency owner and contributor, Stuart specialises in B2B technology, helping clients to define and navigate the B2B marketing and sales cycle. Stuart has experience with global brands, providing flexibility and value for money for all clients. 

Tanya Hardie - B2B Digital Marketing Manager 

As a digital marketing manager, Tanya drives results for B2B businesses across a wide range of industries day in and day out. Tanya is well versed in the dynamic world of digital marketing, helping to keep client campaigns running and performing as expected. 

Based in Kent, we have worked with many B2B businesses, helping them to unlock further growth and boost their bottom line. We have a team of highly experienced and skilled marketers, designers, and developers, offering outstanding consultancy services with experience across a number of different industries.

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Our B2B Marketing Consultants



Our B2B Consulting Services

Our marketing consultancy team will help you to enhance your marketing efforts by evaluating and understanding your consumers and putting together winning strategies that will enable you to better communicate your business to them. What’s more, as we are a full-service agency, we can offer full delivery. 

Some of the areas that we can assist you with include the following:

Creative design - You do not get a second chance to make a first impression.  So, you need to ensure you wow potential customers from the off, and this is what creative design is all about. We will provide you with advice on how to design a site that will reflect your brand perfectly and encourage consumer engagement.

B2B campaigns - Our B2B marketing experts can help you design a comprehensive cross-channel B2B campaign, which will make certain that you have a continual channel of conversation with your consumers no matter what medium they use.

B2B advertising - There are so many different options available to B2B companies when it comes to advertising. However, this can often be overwhelming, and there are a lot of companies that are using marketing strategies that simply do not make sense for them. Instead, our consultants will help you to understand what sort of advertising is going to have the best possible ROI. 

B2B content marketing - Content marketing is critical for all B2B businesses today. Not only does it help you to increase your search engine ranking, but it shows potential clients that you are an authority in the industry. Our consultants can provide you with the advice and assistance you need on developing a content marketing strategy that takes your business to new heights. 

B2B web development - Our consultants have many years of experience when it comes to web development as well. We know how to build and optimize a website so that it matches all of your macro and micro conversion objectives. We will audit your current site so that we can provide you with our expert advice on the changes to make. 

B2B strategy - We make a dedicated effort to know your business and understand your goals. We will creatively and scientifically help you to create B2B marketing strategies, which will help you from the initial touchpoint all of the way through to the conversion stage.

Our Services

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