we are tiga creative marketing

Founded 25 years ago, we are a Kent-based creative marketing agency offering an extensive range of design, development content creation and campaign marketing services to clients across a number of different sectors.

Our talented team of designers, developers and marketers have extensive experience across multiple digital platforms for clients such as Mitsubishi Electric, Balfour Beatty, Sony and Sahara Presentations.

Creative Marketing B2B Specialists

All too often, B2B marketing is dull, uninspired and formulaic - and it's time for a change.

Keeping pace in a high-competition digital environment commands a different approach, as messaging and branding are fundamental to every buying decision.

We believe that B2B marketing should be as vibrant, dynamic, and charismatic as your business and break free from convention to carve a new pathway to augmented brand awareness, visibility - and ultimately success.

Buyers, just like consumers, are moved to act by positive messages, affirmative language and clear, curated content that creates a natural movement along your sales funnel; and this is what we're all about.

Tiga isn't your everyday B2B marketing agency. We are committed, creative, and professional and like to take a left-of-centre look at the opportunities available to design websites, campaigns, content and design that challenge the status quo and demand attention.

Our Ethos

Creative marketing never stands still. Technology, algorithms, markets, industries, trends and buyer appetites evolve continuously, and our job is to ensure you get on top and stay there.

Knowing that you have an amazing brand or an incredible product isn't enough - what matters is how you work, what you stand for, and why your B2B clients need you.

We stick by our promises to be honest and open-minded and love nothing more than trying something new, bucking a trend, and injecting some passion and energy into a campaign; because buyers are inundated with content, and yours need to beat a different tune.

Here's what we do:

Create a clear plan of attack: defining where your business stands against the competition, the marketing approaches that will make the biggest impact, and unpicking past performance to decide where to focus.

Craft future-proof strategies: whether you need to expand your digital reach, design a market-beating campaign, launch a never-before-seen service, or rebrand all of your online assets, a strategy is a solid foundation to work from.

Award-winning digital design: your brand visuals, themes, and aesthetics form a core part of your business identity. We combine first-class content with professional design expertise to create a comprehensive, brand-specific look.

Precision-focused optimisation and engagement: from here, we work to change the outcomes of every interaction, using immersive content, campaigns and digital graphics to rewrite the story and inspire your target buyers to take action.

Our Creative Marketing Services

When we say full-service, that's exactly what we mean. Tiga is an accomplished team of creative, marketing, digital and design experts, and we're proud to have collaborated with some of the best-known names in the B2B world - and bring those same skills to your projects. 

B2B Websites

Your B2B website is a primary touch point for prospective buyers and existing clients, and we work to combine story-telling with technical markers to ensure your digital content produces unbeatable results.

Our teams of digital developers and designers work on every element of UX and UI design, from creating flawless back-end services for excellent customer experiences to seamless information architecture and bold digital assets.

Advertising Campaigns

Every campaign we work on follows forensic-level research into market conditions, competition, and marketing metrics to finesse your promotions to maximise results.

Your campaigns act as the voice of your brand, putting your messages and value propositions out into the world and connecting with your audience to communicate your big ideas.

We provide end-to-end advertising services, from developing ideas, creating video, motion graphics or animations, designing social and digital campaigns, and activating each project with integrations across multiple platforms.

Content Marketing

Tiga can assist with anything from building a content market strategy from the ground up, providing professional copywriting and messaging, designing boilerplates and brand stories, and defining the buyer journey from start to finish.

We create bespoke B2B content marketing strategies to cater to your audience's unique needs, pain points, priorities and aspirations, designing content that drives conversions and brand credibility.

Brands work with us to circulate content across multiple platforms, from social media to video, email marketing to content, and audio to graphic design.

Creative Design

Our design teams live for branding and take a deep dive into your company to help you build a strong identity that will put you ahead of the game.

Brand guidelines create cohesion and uniqueness, with a full suite of design services such as logo design, brand collateral and digital assets, and visual media that tells a buyer who you are - in an instant.

Graphic design is a crucial piece of the B2B marketing puzzle, and the better quality of your visual content, the better an impression you will make with every buyer.

we promise to be:
  • Generous with our ideas
  • Creative in our approach
  • Honest with our opinions
  • Friendly in our manner
  • Professional with our delivery
  • Committed to our clients