• Looking for a B2B PPC Agency?
    Looking for a B2B PPC Agency?

A Results-Driven B2B PPC Agency

PPC is one of many powerful tools you can leverage to capture qualified, high-value leads within your specific niche as a B2B organisation.

Working with a skilled B2B PPC agency means driving your brand to the pinnacle of search results and reaching tailored buyer demographics to place your goods or services in front of the right people just when they need them most. 

With years of experience collaborating with a diverse range of organisations, we know what it takes to develop a top-tier B2B PPC campaign with tangible returns on your advertising investment. We optimise and augment each component of your PPC approach to maximise revenue.

Partnering with Tiga offers you access to a team of digital marketing B2B specialists who craft bespoke B2B PPC strategies to meet your business growth objectives.

So many businesses steer clear of PPC because they don't have the time or resources to funnel into monitoring metrics, precision mapping data and nailing down the exact placements, ad types, and content that will deliver results.

Our role is to build custom PPC campaigns with an ROI focus, backed by deep dive competitor and sector research and a thorough consultation to understand what success looks like to you, so we can design a route map to get you there. 

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We firmly believe that the success of a B2B PPC marketing campaign lies in narrow keyword targeting.

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B2B PPC - Business Building Advertising That Delivers

B2B PPC is one of the best possible approaches to capture more, high quality inbound B2B leads. So how can Tiga help with your PPC efforts?

What B2B PPC Services Do We Offer?

Tiga has been in the digital marketing game since before PPC became an ingrained part of B2B advertising. With 25 years of skill and know-how behind us, we have continually expanded our B2B PPC services range to remain at the forefront of this ad sector. Below we've summarised some of our key PPC offerings - although every strategy is tailored to your organisational KPIs and aspirations. .

Careful Keyword Research

Keywords are a fundamental necessity for any PPC project. Your search ads need to answer specific queries, so it is important to understand what your target buyer is looking for and how you can resolve their pain points. The Tiga team is fully equipped with technological and professional tools and knowledge to produce in-depth keyword evaluation reports, determine which phrases and search terms match your industry, and how to outline our findings into ad groups. Once we have the background detail to make informed recommendations, we get to work engineering varied ads to produce highly relevant campaigns to appeal to your key demographic.

Optimised Bid Strategies

Knowing the target keywords is just step one, and bidding on them intelligently is a fine art, balancing returns with competition and ad spend with results. We don't wildly bid on anything that we don't believe will generate the best outcomes but instead optimise the process. That means discussing your overall PPC budget and using it discerningly to select those fine-tuned keywords. An effective bidding strategy involves looking at ROI on your expenditure and adjusting bids continually to respond to fluctuations in traffic, competing offers and costs per click.

PPC Ad Design

compelling copy, authentically useful information, and on-brand promotions that tell a story in a visual medium. PPC doesn't involve one format or one platform, so customised ad copy and graphics with enticing CTAs that encourage every visitor to click can be adapted to suit the formatting, user device or layout of the particular platform. Alongside designing the PPC ad itself, Tiga can assist with bespoke landing pages to improve the customer journey and ensure each click leads to bigger and better things. Textural, visual, and perfectly optimised PPC ads with single CTAs are ideal for enhancing your conversion rates.

B2B Campaign Management

PPC can deliver quick results, but it's also a long game where you need your B2B agency to have their eye on the prize - all the time. Once a campaign is live, that is the beginning of the lifecycle of each PPC promotion, and we won't leave it hanging in the hope that it'll meet your expectations. The following stages are about monitoring progress, interpreting the results, and making tweaks or improvements as they are required. Regular reports look at the most meaningful metrics, including conversion and click-through rates, so you have full oversight about how your PPC ads are performing and where (and why) we might recommend adjustments.

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With our wide range of B2B marketing services and 25 years of experience, we are well-positioned to help you plan, design and build your next targeted campaign from beginning to end.

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How Does B2B PPC Differ From B2C?

Best practices in B2B are very different from B2C paid ad marketing and are less about selling products through emotive advertising or connecting with an individual with a defined customer persona. In B2B, The key is to solve a problem, demonstrate authority, capture leads, and showcase the value and quality you bring, making it impossible for a business buyer to look anywhere else.

Why is PPC Important to B2B SEO?

PPC can work alongside your B2B SEO strategy. The best approach is to combine general SEO and PPC, especially if you want fast, decisive results to positively impact your bottom line. In the world of B2B, PPC can be beneficial as an efficiently targeted advertising method that can transform your lead generation and capture metrics.

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