How to create your company Wikipedia page

If you're looking to boost your company's visibility, creating a Wikipedia page might be the way to go. With 600 new articles posted daily, this site is a treasure trove of information. And let's be real; we all know that Wikipedia pages often appear at the top of search results. But before you jump in head first, let us give you some insights on whether this strategy is right for you and how to make it happen.

How to create your company Wikipedia page

Creating a page for your company is something you can do in-house, but when it comes to writing the content for your page, be cautious of Wikipedia's guidelines, and avoid advertorial content. The site is intended to be an unbiased, community-driven encyclopaedia, so any biassed or overly-promotional content goes against guidelines and can be removed.

With 600 new articles posted daily, this site is a treasure trove of information”


If you're creating content for your own Wikipedia page, it's essential to follow their Conflict of Interest Disclosure Guidelines and be transparent about any payment or benefits received from the company. It's also crucial to avoid creating or editing biassed pages about competitors.

Assuming you feel confident creating an unbiased page for your company yourself, we have included the steps and best practices. 

  1. Create an account
  2. Become an autoconfirmed user
  3. Create the page
  4. Cite sources
  5. Stay neutral
  6. Submit the page for review
  7. Regularly update

Create an account

Start on the Wikipedia home page and click "Create account" in the top right. Fill out all the necessary information and "Create your account".

Become an autoconfirmed user

To create and edit your page, you must first become an autoconfirmed user. This requires your account to be at least 4 days old and for you to have made at least 10 edits on other pages. Once these conditions are met, you will be considered an autoconfirmed user in most cases and free to start creating your page.

Create the page

Now we come to the fun part, actually creating the page. Wikipedia's Article Wizard helps you to write the draft required for new contributors. But if you need some inspiration, it always helps to look at existing articles on the same subject (just don't copy and paste).

Cite sources

Including citations from third-party, independent sources can enhance your business's credibility and establish trust with readers. This is also a requirement by Wikipedia. Consider searching for magazine or newspaper articles featuring your company, backlinks from other websites that reference your company, or directories that link to your profile.

Stay neutral

Put yourself in the reader's shoes, and ensure you don't make your page too salesy or harmful against your competitors. Look at other sources to ensure you're being as impartial as possible and, just to cover all the bases, read Wikipedia's conflict of interest article one more time.

Submit the page for review

When you have finished writing your page, submit it, and Wikipedia will review and check its credibility. 

Regularly update

Once your Wikipedia page is published and ranking well on Google, it is essential to regularly update your page with relevant information on your products and services to improve customer trust and your company's credibility.


Ensuring that your company has an up-to-date and informative Wikipedia page could be advantageous to achieve a prominent position on the first page of Google search results. A comprehensive Wikipedia page not only increases the likelihood of being featured on the first page of search results but can also contribute to establishing credibility and reliability with your customers. By providing accurate and relevant information about your company on this platform, you can showcase your expertise and build trust with potential customers.


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