Supporting Clevertouch to keep teachers teaching and kids learning

One of Tiga’s key clients is Clevertouch – the UK’s leading manufacturer and developer of interactive education technology and software.

Following the lockdown across the UK, most of Europe and the US, it was essential that Clevertouch continued to provide support for the huge number of remote working teachers and home learning students that depend on their technology.

Speed of execution

The Clevertouch team of education professionals, trainers and technology specialists were mobilised to produce a comprehensive library of bite sized videos – covering multiple subjects, audiences and ages – along with other educational resources including lesson plans and training courses.  These all needed to be produced within the tight government Key Stage specifications and Clevertouch’s own guidelines.  The target was to launch about a week after lockdown was announced.

In addition, Clevertouch released thousands of free licences for their STAGE video conferencing service and Snowflake lesson building software.


Tiga worked with the Clevertouch Brand Team to create the ‘Learn at Home with Clevertouch’ brand messaging.  This was launched through a social and email campaign, supported by digital media with key publishers and PR.

Multiple sites

The clevertouch.com network of websites (totalling 17 across different countries and regions) was the focus of the campaign and the repository for the many videos and resources being produced.  New landing pages and forms were created under the ‘Learn At Home’ brand, along with an improved process for the Clevertouch team to manage the anticipated high demand for the free software licences.

Great results and feedback

Feedback on social media, and directly to the Clevertouch Account Managers, has been excellent and the ‘Learn At Home’ pages are already some of the most viewed on the website. Want to find out more? Read more about our related services below:

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Tiga worked with the Clevertouch Brand Team to create the ‘Learn at Home with Clevertouch’ brand messaging