• Lloyd James Group Plc enewsletters
    Lloyd James Group Plc enewsletters


To keep customers informed of new product launches and forthcoming events, the client implemented an enewsletter campaign.

While the content and demographic of each enewsletter would differ markedly, all should be designed to comply with corporate guidelines and build brand awareness while also maximise open and click through rates.

With the proliferation of emarketing and the necessity to ensure emails are not regarded as Spam, both the design and content should quickly engage the recipient and increase the likelihood of positive interaction.

Upon receipt of the client’s subscriber lists, cleansing and suppression should be carried-out prior to broadcast.


An html template was designed and built to comply with emarketing guidelines and provide consistency of layout irrespective of content. Tested in over a dozen email clients and structured to maximise readability across the different preview window configurations, the template was refined to ensure uniform html rendering and compatibility.

The copy for each enewsletter was sub edited to suit email formats, with the addition of links to the relevant pages on the client’s website wherever appropriate. Optimised images were also included throughout the enewsletters, along with alternative descriptions for display prior to image downloads.

Prior to broadcast, tests were run against various desktop, Server and Gateway Spam filters and amendments made until a 100% pass rate was achieved. As the enewsletters were to be broadcast through a third party Server, DomainKeys and SenderID authentication was added to the client’s DNS records to help reduce the possibility of the enewsletters being flagged as Spam.

The campaigns were broadcast on the client’s behalf to their opt-in subscriber lists. Although using our Server and nonpropriety software, each enewsletter was broadcast as if from the client with their choice of From Name, From Address, Reply Address and Subject Heading implemented, along with absolute links

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