B2B Digital Advertising Agency

The possibilities and rewards of advertising can be immense, but there are a mind-boggling array of choices. By working with you we can advise on what’s best for your company and manage the entire process. Plus we test everything at every stage to find out what’s working—and more importantly, what isn’t—so you can immediately direct your spend to where it’s most productive.

There are a few things every business strives for. One of the most important sustainable growth. Sustainable growth allows businesses to achieve long-term success, and it often comes from having a clear direction. 

But, maybe you didn’t get into business to worry about advertising or marketing. Maybe you have a great product or service in mind and wanted to share it with other businesses. 

That’s where our dedicated B2B advertising team comes into play. We can help you to communicate your product or service offer using powerful B2B communications, making digital advertising easier for you and your team to understand along the way. 

What can you expect from us? Everything from super-smart digital advertising strategists to designers that can deliver excellent campaign creatives. 




Who are Tiga?

We are a B2B creative marketing agency in Kent with over 25 years of experience in the industry. We’ve had the pleasure of working with big names and small businesses alike, developing everything from websites to strategic campaigns for businesses that want to remain focused on their goals, and need a little help reaching the next level.

What B2B Advertising Channels Do We Use?

We understand the importance of having a strong digital presence, which is why we use a variety of different channels to promote your business and get your name and brand in front of the eyes of other businesses - where it matters most. Some of the B2B advertising channels we focus on include: 

- Google Adwords

- Display network

- Social media ads

- Press advertising

Who Have We Worked With?

We are the lead B2B advertising agency for several notable, big-name brands. Thanks to our straight-talking, clear approach to marketing and advertising, we develop long-term partnerships and relationships with our clients, taking your B2B advertising and overall business strategy to the next level. We do that by helping you to navigate your goals, while focusing on a quick and strong impact, and even stronger return. We’ve had the pleasure of working with some very notable names, including Sony, Mitsubishi Electric, Balfour Beatty, and CleverTouch just to name a few. 

How can digital advertising affect your business?

Nowadays, if you don’t have some kind of online presence, it’s far too easy for your business to get overlooked and overshadowed by competitors. 


Your potential customers interact with thousands of advertisements - including other businesses you may want to work with. Being able to stand out from the crowd and target your ideal customer using the hyper-targeting that B2B ads offer will make all the difference. 


It all starts with having a strong website as a central “hub” where businesses can learn more about you and what you can provide. From there, by branching out with advertisements, social media, and more, you can build your digital presence and target the right customers on the right platform at the right time. 


If you want to know more about growing your digital presence or about digital advertising, in general, feel free to contact us with any questions we haven’t answered here. 



    Serving your ads to the right person, in the right place at the right time.


    Campaign creation and management across the world's largest advertising network.

  • SOCIAL Media Ads

    Helping you to grow your social media audiences through targeted placements.


    Targeted media planning and buying in specialist trade publications and national press.