A B2B Content Marketing Agency delivering hard working content

As a B2B content marketing agency, we deliver online content served with a helping of automation. Great digital content drives traffic to your website, makes your company easier to find online (SEO), enables you to generate sales leads, forms the backbone of strong PR stories and gives you a steady stream of things to say and share across social channels, like Twitter & LinkedIn.

Our B2B content marketing experts at Tiga we’re experts at creating a wide range of content from market reports and original research, to infographics, blogs, articles, award winning case studies and engaging, well-produced videos that evidence your specific areas of expertise.

Once hooked, we use the latest marketing automation software to track your visitor engagement and funnel marketing qualified leads into your sales pipeline.

We will develop an automated content marketing strategy that will:

-  Serve-up content for each target persona or sector
-  Attract visitors to your website
-  Nurture prospects on to the next buying-stage
-  Build your reputation as a thought-leader
-  Generate a steady stream of qualified leads


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Frequently Asked Questions

About Tiga - Who Are We?

Tiga is an established B2B agency and has delivered excellence in b2b content marketing services for over 25 years. We exist to help you to portray your brand in its best light, educate your audience and build strong relationships through effective online content development.

Who Do We Work With?

Working with established brands such as FM Conway, Clevertouch and Mitsubishi Electric, we’ve established an expertise in B2B marketing, delivering effective, measurable  b2b content marketing service that work hard for you and deliver on your KPI’s.

What Sectors Do We Work With?

We have primarily delivered exception content campaigns for AV (audiovisual), Technology, construction and engineering clients, however we work across the full spectrum of B2B verticals.

What Are The Benefits Of Content Marketing?

 In its many forms, content marketing is the key driver of traffic to your site and visibility for your brand. Your consumers are using a range or media throughout the day, interacting with this media in a different way. Effective content marketing allows you to deliver your message in the right way, on the right platform at the right time.

How Does Content Marketing Work?

Using a range of elements such as written editorial, quality graphics or video, B2B content marketing educates your audience rather than pushing a strong sales message. Effective content marketing builds trust by offering helpful and useful solutions to your audiences problems, building a powerful relationship with your potential customers. You can read more about how content marketing services work below. 


What is B2B Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that focuses on developing and consistently delivering valuable, meaningful, and consistent content in order to attract, educate and retain a particular demographic, with the end goal of being driving enquiries. This applies for both B2C and B2B, but there are significant differences between the way the two are delivered and the intention of the audience. 

Unlike B2C marketing, a B2B content marketing strategy will typically involve a much longer and more complex sales funnel, with months of nurture and negotiation to secure an order. This often reflects in the content marketing strategy. 

When we talk about B2B, we usually mean higher order values and long-term agreements. We are not talking about things that are used once and forgotten about as with B2C business. Business customers want to be reassured that they have picked the right supplier or provider and regularly producing content helps with this aim. 

B2B Content marketing services assist brands in attracting, engaging, and satisfying their audiences before, during, and after they make a purchase or use a service. It is a great chance to align your brand as industry leaders and experts within your field, giving you authority and credibility a must for any business. 

What is a customer persona?

It is vital when working in a B2B capacity to set aside some time to develop your customer persona which will then influence your B2B content marketing strategy. This is your typical customer. Take the data that you have available and build up a picture of who they are. Where do they live? How old are they? What are their personal motivations? What do they want to see in a brand? How do they want to communicate with the businesses and services that they use? What problems do they have? What questions do they ask? Collate this information and build a detailed picture of them.  You can build a strategy around each of your customer groups once you have a detailed understanding of who they are. 

What do your sales funnels look like?

To be successful with B2B content marketing, you must first understand how the content you create fits into the various phases of your sales funnel. As we mentioned above, a B2B brand has a much more complex and lengthy sales funnel than a B2C brand, with it taking much longer to nurture leads and turn them into prospects and sales. 

Focus on working with your sales department and other divisions to truly understand the shape and length of your funnel so that you can use this system to better map out a way to reach leads at each stage. You can read more about content at each stage of the funnel here

What are some of the formats that are effective in B2B content services?

Blog posts: Blog posts are the foundation of the vast bulk of content marketing strategies, and this is especially true for B2B brands. Marketers who favour business blogging endeavours are 13 times more likely to see a good return on investment. This is because blog posts are easily accessible, can easily drive traffic once featured on a SERP and allows you to educate and inform your clients.

Research and case studies: If you want to wholly differentiate your content from that of your rivals, you must go above and beyond what they are doing. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to publish original research studies. Because it is completely unique, it helps you stand out with content that your audience actually wants to read. This means they are much more willing to share and link to these resources, which is also great for your authority ranking. It is also a foolproof way to establish yourself as an authority in the industry, which is vital in the B2B arena. If your research studies are correct and useful,  other people in your industry will be talking about you as well.

Video: The popularity of video content is exploding right now, and one of the reasons is that the barriers to entry have become so low. Brands can create a video that is of good enough quality to publish on YouTube with little more than a smartphone or basic camera. The strength of video is that it can be used in a variety of ways, including optimising for YouTube to reach new audiences, as well as LinkedIn and other social media outlets. As a B2B brand, don't doubt the capacity of a solid video strategy.

Webinar: While webinars may be considered part of your video strategy, they can also be considered as a distinct content format. One of the primary advantages of developing a webinar strategy is that most webinars are used to enlighten an audience about a specific topic or industry.

Podcasting: Podcasts have the potential to be the next important hit in B2B content marketing. Podcasts are a great way to grow your audience. To reach new audiences and sincerely be seen as a major player in your industry, you can use a strategy similar to webinars.

Checklists and templates: If you are able to assist your customers, you will be at the forefront of their minds when they require the service that you provide. Sharing free templates and checklists, in fact, is a very worthwhile content marketing format, particularly for B2B. After all, who doesn’t love a freebie?

Newsletters: When you can effectively use email to communicate with both potential and existing customers, you can remind them of your presence, stay in touch, and keep them in your pipeline. Consider how to segment your audience for best results, as well as the content that is dispersed to these groups.

B2B content marketing offers a multitude of advantages that can lead to massive success, and it is at the top of the list of many businesses' campaigns. At Tiga, we will work with you to define your audience and help you to devise a winning content strategy to help generate leads and get people buying your products and using your services. We will develop great content that can be shared on your website, across social media platforms and directly to customer inboxes, establishing you as a voice of authority and a credible business in your industry. 

If you're looking for a reputable content marketing agency in the UK, get in touch with us today.