A B2B Content Marketing Agency delivering hard working content

As a B2B content marketing agency, we deliver online content served with a helping of automation. Great digital content drives traffic to your website, makes your company easier to find online (SEO), enables you to generate sales leads, forms the backbone of strong PR stories and gives you a steady stream of things to say and share across social channels, like Twitter & LinkedIn.

Our B2B content marketing experts at Tiga we’re experts at creating a wide range of content from market reports and original research, to infographics, blogs, articles, award winning case studies and engaging, well-produced videos that evidence your specific areas of expertise.

Once hooked, we use the latest marketing automation software to track your visitor engagement and funnel marketing qualified leads into your sales pipeline.

We will develop an automated content marketing strategy that will:

-  Serve-up content for each target persona or sector
-  Attract visitors to your website
-  Nurture prospects on to the next buying-stage
-  Build your reputation as a thought-leader
-  Generate a steady stream of qualified leads


Case Studies:

Frequently Asked Questions

About Tiga - Who Are We?

Tiga is an established B2B agency and has delivered excellence in b2b content marketing for over 25 years. We exist to help you to portray your brand in its best light, educate your audience and build strong relationships through effective online content development.

Who Do We Work With?

Working with established brands such as FM Conway, Clevertouch and Mitsubishi Electric, we’ve established an expertise in B2B marketing, delivering effective, measurable content marketing campaigns that work hard for you and deliver on your KPI’s.

What Sectors Do We Work With?

We have primarily delivered exception content campaigns for AV (audiovisual), Technology, construction and engineering clients, however we work across the full spectrum of B2B verticals.

What Are The Benefits Of Content Marketing?

 In its many forms, content marketing is the key driver of traffic to your site and visibility for your brand. Your consumers are using a range or media throughout the day, interacting with this media in a different way. Effective content marketing allows you to deliver your message in the right way, on the right platform at the right time.

How Does Content Marketing Work?

Using a range of elements such as written editorial, quality graphics or video, B2B content marketing educates your audience rather than pushing a strong sales message. Effective content marketing builds trust by offering helpful and useful solutions to your audiences problems, building a powerful relationship with your potential customers.