A Creative Design Agency in Kent - We give you presence

People form an instant opinion about who you are based on what they see. In the same way, your prospects will be forming instant opinions about your company right now.

As a B2B creative design agency in Kent, we know what will work where and ensure consistency of design elements across all of your platforms. So however, wherever and whenever your customers choose to engage with you, they will always see you in the best light. 

At Tiga, we will help you to develop creative designs that:

- Build your brand identity 
- Reflect your brand values
- Build your reputation as a leader in your industry 
- Command the attention of your target audience 
- Create brand consistency across all channels 
- Ultimately contributes to lead generation


We go a step further than the creative design. Once a user has engaged with your creative, we use the latest marketing automation tools to track your visitors through a pre-determined and well thought out sales funnel, channelling qualified leads into your sales pipeline. We will help you to measure the impact of our creative designs.



About Tiga - Who Are We?

As a b2b agency, our purpose is to enhance our customers' visual identity through creative designs and campaigns, portraying your brand in its best light.

Who Do We Work With?

Having produced creative elements for campaigns for Clevertouch, Mitsubishi Electric and ER productions our creatives know what will grab your audience's attention from a design perspective. As a Kent agency, we work with both local business and national outfits.

What Sectors Do We Specialise In?

We have delivered creative campaigns for AV (audio visual), Technology, construction and engineering clients, however, our concepts can be applied to all B2B audiences.

What Creative Elements Do We Design?

The elements that we design would be influenced by a strategy session to identify which content will best connect with your audience. As part of a strategic creative campaign we can design and build elements ranging from infographics and blog posts through to full b2b branding and b2b website design.

How can your creative impact your business?

Whether the first customer interaction is through your website, a creative campaign or business card, your customers will notice the creative visual elements of your brand and form an instant opinion. This opinion can influence how they interact with your offering, highlighting the importance of consistent branding designed to accurately reflect your business values.


  • Visual identity

    We encapsulate and represent who you are and what you stand for.


    Helping you design, plan and build your next targeted creative campaign.


    Enhancing the user satisfaction of your on line presence.

  • Content

    As a creative design agency, we create relevant and valuable content for your target audience.