B2B Web Design and Development

 As a professional B2B web design agency, we pride ourselves in creating B2B websites designed to fit the needs of our customers, their businesses and the audience in which they’re targeting. We bring expert creative, engineering and strategic skills to every project we undertake. We plan, design and build beautiful websites that will encourage audience interaction whether accessed on mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop. It is our passion to ensure your B2B website delivers the kind of visitor experience that will engage your audience and help you to meet your business goals. 

As a B2B marketing agency, we understand that every business has different objectives - it’s our job to get to know your business and help you to meet those objectives through effective B2B web design. We’re able to effectively measure and track the results of website changes, offering an end to end B2B web development service. 

Simply put, your website is the source of your online presence so it’s important to make your B2B website work hard for you.

Do you have questions about B2B web design and development? Let us know! We’re here to help and make the process as transparent as possible. Let’s cover a few questions that we’re frequently asked, so you’ll know what to expect from the start. 



Who are Tiga?

Tiga is a Kent-based creative marketing agency that was founded over 25 years ago. Our years of experience in B2B web design, website development, and marketing allows us to work with businesses in a variety of different industries, getting them the exposure they deserve and the digital tools to continue growing successfully.

How is B2B Web Design Different to B2C?

The main difference is education. A B2C transaction is less likely to be a considered purchase and often, your results are driven by price, user experience and factors such as delivery times. B2B is about educating your potential customers at each stage of a longer buyer cycle. Your B2B website needs to position your organisation as an expert in your particular subject matter as well as drive quality leads and meet other micro and macro conversion targets. As a B2B web design agency, our job is to help you achieve this. 

Who Have We Produced Web Projects For?

We’re proud to have worked with a variety of businesses across several different sectors. Some of our most notable clients include: 

  • Sony
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Balfour Beatty
  • CleverTouch

We work with a range of businesses from start ups to larger household names. Our level of dedication and service remain the same regardless of the size of company we’re working with.


Is it time to revamp your website?

Your website is a major touchpoint during the B2B sales cycle so it’s important to ensure it offers a fully functional experience for your customer base. If you’re a larger organisation or a market leader in your industry, you may generate a high volume of visitors organically or via brand traffic, however, your website may not be optimised for maximum conversions, or offer a seamless mobile experience. We take a data focussed approach and will help to analyse your website performance and how this can be improved through data led B2B web design.

How else can we help?

As a full-service agency, we can continue to help you with content marketing using both our expertise in digital content and automation. We create relevant content for your target sector, attract new visitors to your site, and generate a consistent stream of leads. We also provide digital advertising, SEO and B2B branding services. At Tiga, we can do everything from creating an incredibly attractive and attention-grabbing website to providing you with our additional marketing services that can take your B2B business to the next level. Contact us today for more information.


  • Custom development

    We design and develop innovative custom web solutions to meet business challenges.

  • Content management

    We work with various collaborative systems to suit your business requirements.


    Bringing your ideas to life with custom web application design and development. 


    Increase your audience with native mobile Apps for iOS, Android and Windows.