Top 10 tips to super-charge your content

1. Research the keywords and keyphrases your potential customers are using when searching online and make sure you include them in your content.


2. Provide information that is useful and helpful to prospective customers – they don’t want to feel they’re being sold to.  Give them impartial tips and advice that will help them feel better equipped to make an informed decision – and that’s not a product brochure! 


Top 10 tips to super-charge your content

3. Don’t be dull – ensure what you publish is engaging and entertaining. Make sure your copy style is conversational and easy to read – attention span online is far shorter than in print. Use visual images and diagrams to support your content and strengthen impact.


We are all different, some of us prefer high level bullet points whilst others want more detail”

4. Publish content across a range of formats. We are all different, some of us prefer high level bullet points whilst others want more detail. Some grasp content from a visual interpretation such as an infographic, whilst others prefer to watch a video or listen to a podcast. 


5. Ensure your website and content is mobile friendly on both smartphones and tablets.


6. Encourage prospects to read more of your content – include relevant links to deeper level content such as case studies, reports or whitepapers. Nurture their engagement and build the relationship you have with them.


7. Ask for their contact details to build a prospect database before allowing them to download more valuable content such as a whitepaper or research report. This is an exchange of information and if your ‘discovery’ level content is compelling enough, they’ll be happy to tell you who they are.


8. Build your own community on social media. This a little bit chicken and egg – but if you produce and publish engaging and compelling content your community will share with their own networks and quickly you’ll find you are reaching an ever expanding audience.


9. Compile your content into a weekly or monthly newsletter or bulletin to send to your contact database. Email works well for regular bulletins, so ensure every piece of content includes a link to a ‘sign-up’ page on your website. If your content is helpful, people will sign up for more.


10. Ask people to share your content. Sometimes it just takes a bit of prompting.

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This post was written by:

Steve Chatman

Steve is co-owner of Tiga Creative Marketing
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