• Client case study: Mitsubishi Electric Europe Virtual Library App
    Client case study: Mitsubishi Electric Europe Virtual Library App

About the project

With a library of over 4,000 technical and service manuals dating back some 20 years, Mitsubishi needed a solution to digitise and archive these documents in a way that enabled users and customers — which included architects, installers and internal maintenance and support teams — to access.

Additionally, Mitsubishi needed to be able to create interactive presentations — either as sales aids or as proposals to specific clients — which could be accessed through the App.

Tiga, a B2B agency in Kent, were commissioned to design and develop the Virtual Library App and coordinate deployment with Mitsubishi’s IT Team to a virtualised platform at their UK Head Office, as well as to Apple and Google’s respective App Stores.

The Virtual Library is a multi functional App that dynamically converts PDF documents uploaded by Mitsubishi’s administrators into interactive ebooks.

Users of the App can then search for their desired ebook, through a variety of different search options, and access it online, on mobile and on tablet by downloading the App from Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

The ebook’s Interface provides the user with a host of search options to help them find their required information, along with further options to zoom, download, print and email links. In addition, users can select specific pages of interest from the ebook and create individual PDFs containing just those pages — a particularly useful feature as some technical manuals are over 1,000 pages long.

Each ebook can contain hotspots, which are configured by Mitsubishi’s administrators, that can either link to specific pages within ebooks, external websites, videos or other rich media content.



Since appointing Tiga, digital marketing now plays a prominent part in Mitsubishi’s marcomms activity. This has provided a new channel for lead generation as well cross and upselling opportunities.




| Interactive ebook which users can flip through, search, download and email.


| Animated ebook created for a presentation to a specific client using templates available within the App.


| The App’s main menu is formatted for ease of use on a touchscreen device


| The App’s icon that displays on the Apple App Store and Google Play


Project deliverables

Design and development of an easy to use App that’s accessible from the web and can be downloaded as an iPad, iPhone and Android App.

Development of a custom administration area that enables Mitsubishi’s users to quickly and easily upload documents and create new ebooks.

Deployment to Mitsubishi’s virtualised hosting platform, Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Onsite training.

Configuration of visitor analysis software, Key Performance Indicators and integration with Mitsubishi’s existing systems.

Return on investment

The initial response to the Virtual App has been very positive, with an average dwell time for both technical ebooks and custom presentations indicating user engagement.

With links to specific documents within the App steadily being rolled out to Mitsubishi’s corporate website and online product catalogue the user base will continue to grow. This is part of the long term aim to eventually eliminate the printing of documents, with everything being accessible from the App.

Additionally, several custom presentations have been produced by Mitsubishi’s administrators to support their outbound sales team — both as follow ups to sales calls or as a visual aid at a client presentation.



"We worked closely with the team at Tiga to ensure the App covered all our requirements. In particular, we needed it to be easy for our customers to find the document they were looking for and quick for them to use whether they were at their desk or using a tablet. We also needed to be able to add and create new documents ourselves. We’re really pleased with what Tiga delivered and expect the App to be useful to our customers.”

Samantha Bennett Digital Marketing Executive — Mitsubishi Electric Europe



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Type of business

Global leader in the manufacture of air conditioning and heating systems.



To design and develop an App that enables Mitsubishi’s administrators to categorise and upload their library of manuals and presentations for users to access as interactive ebooks.