Creative in the b2b space

A recurring theme in B2B communications is a lack of creativity resulting in a lack of inspiration. I can’t really think why this should be. While it’s true that the B2B space lacks the budgets of its B2C brothers and sisters, it shouldn’t mean that you have a creative noose around the neck of the companies marketing.


The need to create awareness, to convert an audience to your brand and ultimately to buy from your organisation, rather than a competitor is the same in either camp… so why the restriction?

Creative in the b2b space

It’s a little like an illness that only seems to plague B2B organisations. Too often a brief will be answered, only to be dulled down, because essentially someone is too frightened to do and say something different from the competition.


Some of the largest global corporates operate in the B2B space and they are just as guilty. I’m not advocating being creative just for the sake of creative. You can do that to a degree in B2C, especially if your agency and you value awards, but it rarely works for B2B.



Good creativity is about standing out, telling and selling, so don’t be afraid to do just that. Next time you commission your agency, embrace their ideas. Remember they are the experts not you.”

What does work, is being open to ideas, being creative with creative. Let’s not forget about the channels we can operate in either. There really is no excuse to just tow the trade and vertical line when it comes to creative marketing within B2B.


So what is right? Well, the creative should always be in line with your brand. Generally, there are fewer opportunities to sell B2B products and services and every one counts, so there’s no point in missing the point. In addition, most B2B sales tend to be in the longer term when compared to B2C, so your customers need to trust you.

Identify your competition and do it better. What is the point of just running a campaign that is essentially the same as but with a different logo. Just look at your trade advertising to see what I mean.


Drive sales! This means being fully integrated. The B2B sales process and cycle is much longer than in most B2C decisions, so you will need to think longer term for your campaign. If you are thinking of a new creative campaign it needs to use all the channels at your disposal; advertising (on and offline), direct mail, email, digital marketing, shows.


Being creative in the B2B marketing sector is not easy and it is different from B2C. But don’t think it’s any less effective because it isn’t, you just need the confidence to go with it and do something different.

Article written by Tiga marketing agency in Kent.


This post was written by:

Steve Chatman

Steve is co-owner of Tiga Creative Marketing
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