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    Marketing Agency In Canterbury

Looking for a marketing agency serving canterbury in kent?

Tiga Creative is the go-to Kent based B2B marketing agency. We combine a creative approach with our many years of expertise in the B2B field to drive revenue, exceed targets and grow your enterprise. We dedicate our skills and expertise to helping businesses attract the right buyers who are interested in engaging with your company and brand, producing B2B campaigns to facilitate your company targets and business objectives.

Some of our clients approach us to revamp their online experience, improve their positioning in the marketplace and bring their digital marketing methods up to date to stay competitive in their respective verticals. Others require a one off lead generation campaign to grow their email marketing database, social media following or website traffic. Some want to generate consistent traffic to their website via paid and organic traffic strategies. With access to talented designers through to marketing strategists, we’re well equipped to help you with all aspects of digital marketing.


The Go-to B2B experts in Kent

25 Years of effective marketing campaigns

We have delivered effective B2B marketing campaigns to satisfied customers for 25 years and counting. Our expertise has covered a wide range of verticals and enterprises, from large, high-profile companies looking for new perspectives to SMEs needing guidance and support.

Whilst the platforms have shifted in this time from email marketing and physical mailouts to social media and SEO, the nuances of B2B marketing remain the same. Over the years, we’ve established a great understanding of how marketing to businesses online works and the combination of audiences, platforms, and marketing channels to drive real growth.

The Tiga team is a blend of creative marketing specialists, top-level copywriters, videographers, strategists, and developers who are all well versed in the fundamentals of marketing and what businesses are looking to achieve online. We’ve worked with top-level brands such as Mitsubishi to overcome even the most challenging aspects of B2B marketing.

Helping Your Business to grow

"Whilst the platforms have changed, marketing principles remain the same."

We grow your business through:

Creative design - The brand image your business portrays creates a first impression with your potential clients - so we need to make sure it’s a positive one! Our creative team designs effective websites, graphics, and content with conversion in mind. Each creative component will reflect the values that brand stands for, presenting a unified appearance across all marketing platforms.

B2B strategy - Your ongoing marketing strategy is the bridge between where your business currently is vs where you want it to be. There is no one-size-fits-all solution so, through workshops and constant communication, we can create a bespoke strategy designed to get your business from A to B, with an understanding of how each platform can contribute to each phase of your sales cycle. We understand that the way we communicate online is dynamic, especially considering the rapid changes and improvement in technologies and platforms. With this in mind, we will help your business develop a robust and dynamic strategy to ensure that your brand continues to stay ahead of any changes and one step ahead of the competition.

Innovative B2B web design - Websites are a brand’s online soul. Your website serves as your online salesperson - working around the clock to drive enquiries, educate your audience about solving a problem and letting them know how you can solve this problem. A highly ranked, well-designed website with specifically targeted content can really push your brand forward and accelerate growth exponentially.

B2B content marketing - Marketers can no longer ignore the role content marketing plays in generating enquiries and sales. The emphasis has shifted from talking about your business to educating your audiences through well thought out content marketing to help drive enquiries and increase the efficiency of your sales efforts. Your customers are likely to interact with your brand across several channels and platforms, so tailoring and adapting your cross-platform content is key. Our aim here is simple - to create content that offers significance and value to your audience in a busy marketplace.


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About Tiga

Founded 25 years ago, we are a creative marketing team based in Kent, servicing Kent, London Surrey and Essex. We’re interested to hear about your business goals and how we can help you to achieve them. Get in touch with us today.