• Digital marketing for global corporation
    Digital marketing for global corporation

How we helped this big brand to establish a digital presence by raising it above the online noise

Who are they?

Mitsubishi Electric - livingenvironmentalsystems.mitsubishielectric.co.uk – are the UK’s leading manufacturer of Air Conditioning units and Heat Pumps for both home and commercial buildings.


What did they want to achieve?

With little or no digital marketing activity, the client required a plan that covered all channels and ensured that they communicated effectively online with a diverse audience including plumbers, engineers, architects, consumers, housing associations, the press and central/local government.

As well as reflecting the values of this globally recognised brand, the ongoing campaigns were targeted to deliver new business enquiries that could be passed to their network of accredited installers and partners.

How did we do it?

By coordinating with their various internal teams, we were able to gain a thorough understanding of the information architecture of their different websites, visitor profiles and the type of content that resonated with their visitors – particularly those showing purchase intent.

The main conclusion that this insight helped us to draw was that the web experience needed to be more meaningful and memorable for key visitors, such as those within the buying cycle. To address this, we created informative, interactive and personalised digital content that would be of use to visitors and provide opportunities for outreach.

Target - Consumers, the press and policy makers

Live performance and cost comparisons between the client’s Ecodan Heat Pumps and different fossil fuels, updated minute-by-minute with feeds from Heat Pumps installed across the UK. http://dashboard.mitsubishielectric.co.uk/dashboard/dashboard/5


Target - The trade

A ‘toolbox’ of resources that are of use to plumbers and installers. This includes videos, a calculator and an easily searchable library of technical documentation, that has now become their most visited website. http://heating.mitsubishielectric.co.uk/ForInstallers/Pages/Ecodan-Toolbox.aspx


Target - Schools

Their initiative for educating primary school children about renewable energy now has its own microsite. This includes an area for schools to create their own pages and connect with other schools, a moderated forum, and an educational ‘Games Zone’.



Marketing activity surrounding the new content was planned, created and managed across multiple digital channels.

• Email marketing, including cleaning and segmenting of their existing subscriber lists.

• Social media (Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube), including branding of pages.

• Google Adwords – Multiple search campaigns.

• Remarketing to website visitors across Google Display Network.

• Twitter Promoted Tweets.

• LinkedIn profile page ads.

The quality and relevance of the new content was intended to gain backlinks, which are the biggest influence in determining a site’s ranking position in Google’s non-paid listings.

Did it work?

Activity and interactions were thoroughly monitored, measured and reported.

• Their digital presence now reflects the stature of the brand, with a growing reputation as a thought leader and opinion former.

• Increased website traffic and dwell times, along with positive feedback from key partners.

• Data asset (email subscriptions and social media connections) grown to tens of thousands.

• Paid search budgets doubled year-on-year to exploit the high click through rates and low landing page bounces. They now have above 90% impression coverage of targeted keywords.

• Internal person designated with handling distribution of incoming leads.

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“We have worked with Tiga digital marketing agency in Kent for several years on our digital marketing. They are quick to respond to our requests and always able to meet/exceed our expectations. We have no hesitation in recommending them."

Marketing Manager, Mitsubishi Electric UK