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With our creative marketing approach, our marketing team near Sevenoaks is dedicated to helping you attract audiences most likely to want to engage with your brand. We specialise in delivering meaningful and functional B2B campaigns from strategy and branding through to creative design and content production. 

We understand that throughout a typical sales funnel, there will be multiple touch points or ‘experiences’ with your brand. At each one of these experiences, your potential customer will require a different type of communication. We will firstly look to understand how all of these experiences join up to create a compelling and unified, cross-channel campaign to streamline your sales funnel and create more opportunities for profits.


Results are the centre of everything we do. We care about creating campaigns to improve your revenue and boost your profit. 

In house creative marketing experts near Sevenoaks

Once you partner with Tiga, you’ll be allocated a dedicated account director - a very senior member of staff who will guide your strategy. You will have a single point of contact and we will work with you to adjust and fine-tune your marketing campaigns to keep pace with your evolving requirements.

We believe in working collaboratively and dynamically. You can tell us your goals for your campaign and leave them in our hands. Or we can work alongside your marketing team to deliver your specific vision. 

Our marketing team near Sevenoaks is comprised of a wide range of professionals, each offering extensive expertise in their specialist area. We have experienced copywriters who can produce world-class content, videographers for those of you who want to reach out to customers on social media, web developers, creatives and technical specialists to deliver the nuts and bolts of your marketing activity. 


Our services include:


B2B Strategy

Not sure how to progress with your B2B marketing strategy? We can help. Every marketing strategy starts with a discovery of ‘what, why, where, how and when’. Just get in touch with us today for help on B2B direction and what you can do to adjust to this evolving marketplace. 


B2B Content Marketing

B2B companies have different content marketing requirements from their B2C cousins. We focus on creating authoritative content that improves the value of your brand - presenting you as a leader in your industry. 


B2B Advertising

We also offer a paid ads management service for B2B brands. We ensure that your campaigns deliver the desired ROI and fit into your marketing budget.

What’s more, we test your paid campaigns periodically to ensure that they deliver results. At each stage, your account director will communicate progress with you, telling you how your advertising efforts are going. 


B2B Creative Campaigns

B2B companies can sometimes find it challenging to attract large numbers of prospective clients to their websites. Our aim is to produce creative campaigns to get eyes on your content and engagement to match. Throughout it all, our goal is to enable you to build a deeper and richer relationship with your customers. This way, they will return time and time again. 


B2B Web Design and Development

Your website is the lifeblood of your business and should be constantly working hard to generate leads and gather potential customers round the clock. We can advise on both the creative elements of your website design through to the back-end functionality such as search engine optimisation features and content marketing efforts. 


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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Tiga

Tiga is a creative marketing agency in Meopham serving customers in Sevenoaks, London and the surrounding Kent area. We are a diverse team of marketing professionals with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. We are passionate about helping our customers to achieve their marketing goals through content creation, web design and development, and video production.

Who does Tiga work with?

Tiga partners with companies in the B2B space, looking for a bespoke marketing service that understands their unique needs. In the past, we’ve worked with major brands such as Samsung, Mitsubishi and Sony to deliver high-quality creative content. We work with corporations of all sizes, acting as a trusted source of marketing help, advice and management.

Where is Tiga Based?

We are based in Meopham, near Sevenoaks. This location provides us with close access to London and surrounding Kent areas. However, we have clients from all over the UK and the rest of the world. We often visit customers in the southeast of England.

What creative marketing services does Tiga offer?

Tiga offers comprehensive marketing services. We cover everything from creative direction to strategy, web design, content production, advertising, and individual bespoke campaigns.

How can creative marketing impact your brand?

B2B marketing is challenging. But when you take a creative approach mixed with a logical plan, you can have a lasting impact on your customers. As your digital marketing agency, we can design campaigns that attract customers, improve your market share, and boost online visibility.

About Tiga

Founded 25 years ago, we are a Kent-based creative marketing agency offering an extensive range of design, development content creation and campaign marketing services to clients across a number of different sectors.