• Easier2move Brand evolution
    Easier2move Brand evolution


To re-brand this national, online conveyancing provider and create an integrated B2B and B2C marketing campaign. The client’s ethos, which the brand should visually communicate, focuses on friendly, knowledgeable and reliable customer service.


In order to maintain brand integrity, the existing logo was evolved into a series of concepts that represented the client’s core values through varied use of colour, type and iconography. These visuals, while markedly different, were contemporary in style and designed to re-position the client as market-leaders in their field.

The selected identity was worked-up into a multimedia campaign covering marketing collateral, Direct Mail and digital platforms. Harmonising with the ID, the brand’s message was enforced through the addition of secondary graphical elements, designed to emphasise key propositions and maximise brand recognition.

Drawing a balance between the necessity to engage with the audience and the more sophisticated values of the brand, the campaign was designed to attract attention through creativity. Thought provoking messages with distinctive art direction create a theme that will become synonymous with the brand.

An integrated through-the-line campaign was proposed to launch the new brand in conjunction with the client’s PR strategy. This included on-page display in various trade publications, Direct Mail and emarketing, along with interactive rich media to direct traffic to the new website. 

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