• Drivers Jonas LLP Corporate report literature
    Drivers Jonas LLP Corporate report literature


The client is London’s oldest firm of Property Consultants with over 750 partners and staff across the UK and mainland Europe. Their extensive portfolio of services includes an influential Research department that publishes a series of reports analysing specific markets, trends and conditions. All reports should be designed and printed according to detailed corporate guidelines to maintain an overarching style throughout the series while providing a clear visual identity for each report.


The report has been designed to ensure clarity of presentation across the variety of information included. All charts, graphs and maps were drawn according to the client’s meticulous guidelines and subtle colourways, along with simple shading, used to highlight salient points for good readability and easy location of desired content.

For the cover, a modern commercial development was selected from the client’s collection and extensively re-touched and colour corrected.This provided a suitable identity for the report, while maintaining consistency with others in the series.

The resulting look and feel of the report is unquestionably corporate, emphasising the client’s core values and position in the industry.

This report was launched to the press at a client seminar and is one of around two dozen that we design and print every year. It is also available online at www.driversjonas.com/research

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