• Nurture with personalised content
    Nurture with personalised content

Nurture with personalised content

Just because someone has entered a competition doesn’t mean they’re ready to make a purchase. Or it could be that your sales team have contacted them but they’re not looking to buy right at this moment. Panic not – you can develop leads that aren’t sales-ready by automatically placing them in nurturing campaigns.

An automated nurture campaign triggers an email with content that is determined by the individual’s online behaviour. They may have visited a case-study page for example – in which case they will automatically receive an email about a similar project or relevant product information. If they don’t return to your website for a couple of weeks, you can set a workflow to send an automatically generated email enticing them back with a special promotion, information or offer. The automated workflow possibilities are endless and need to be set-up in accordance with your company’s individual customer journeys and sales funnel.

Steady supply of sales-ready leads

Get it right and the end result will be a continuous supply of sales-ready leads for the sales team to follow-up. And, if marketing can improve the quality of the leads in your pipeline, you can be absolutely certain the sales team will jump on it and make a call.

Know exactly what’s working and what isn’t

As well as increasing and improving the quality of the incoming leads to your business you will also start to learn a lot about your customers’ behaviours and decision making processes. By tracking the entire sales process from end-to-end, you can build a comprehensive picture of your ROI and see exactly, which marketing tactics have been most successful. Conversely you’ll also know who and when a prospect drops out of the sales process, which will help you to tweak your campaigns and enhance your future success rates.

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