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    Rocket fuel for your digital content


How to turn your website into a lead generator

We’ve all heard the adage ‘in the right place at the right time’ – but as the majority of sales people, marketers or small business owners aren’t mind readers, it’s often hard to predict the best time to make a call, send an email or invest valuable budget in sending a piece of direct mail.


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How to generate leads from your website

When someone has landed on your website it’s important to nurture them along the sales funnel, delivering a steady flow of relevant content that keeps them engaged and provides exactly the information they are looking for as they move towards making a purchase.


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Nurture with personalised content

Just because someone has entered a competition doesn’t mean they’re ready to make a purchase. Or it could be that your sales team have contacted them but they’re not looking to buy right at this moment. 


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Attract the right kind of prospects to your website

When preparing content and online lead nurture workflow programmes, you need to write as if you are addressing each individual customer. 


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