• Rocket fuel your digital marketing content continued
    Rocket fuel your digital marketing content continued


How to go about setting different customer profiles

Decide on your group categories or profiles – but don’t have too many or you won’t be able to produce the level of material required to run a successful content marketing programme. 


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What are long-tail keywords?

The best performing online content is when someone has taken the time to really get inside the head of a target audience.


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Define your longtail keywords

Talk to your customers and sales teams to discover typical terms used to describe your products or services.


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Content for every stage of the marketing funnel

The sales funnel is a tool that will help you better understand your customer journeys – or decision making process. Your customers will be at different stages when it comes to buying your products. Some of them will only just have become aware of your existence whilst doing their research into possible solutions.


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Stages 3-5 of the sales funnel

At every stage of their engagement with you, the automated marketing platform will be applying a ‘lead score’. So every time a prospect opens an email, lands on a web page, downloads a report, the system will be tracking and scoring their process.


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What is inbound marketing content?

It’s important to create well written, targeted, interesting and informative articles that appeal to an individual target persona – and for a successful inbound marketing programme you’ll need to do this month on month.


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How to create inbound marketing content

4 monthly keyword heavy posts on your website and social channels

Every piece of content should be written using your keywords and phrases – produce at least 4 posts every month that focus on a specific key phrase that you want to rank for.



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