• Supercharging your Content Marketing
    Supercharging your Content Marketing

Supercharging your content marketing

In the early days, websites were just attractive shop fronts: Somewhere to drop in for a quick browse. Today, company websites are increasingly designed around interesting content, with the aim of increasing dwell time and building an ongoing dialogue with prospects. By publishing a hub of diverse content such as blogs, interviews, research, whitepapers, videos and case studies, businesses can address the concerns and interests of their audience and will establish themselves as a thought leader or expert in their field.

Many people find it difficult to resist peppering content with references to their products or services, which undermines the value of the overall piece. Instead leave your ego at the door and focus on becoming an expert for that audience.

By giving generic advice and guidance. Although creating interesting and informative content requires time and investment:

• It attracts new and returning visitors to your website, and once they’re there you can encourage them to delve deeper with relevant links
• It enables you to develop your company’s personality
• It differentiates you from competitors that may be selling similar products at a similar price
• It positions you as an industry thought-leader
• Content forms the backbone of your PR and marketing campaigns Rather than just creating content about how wonderful your products and services are (endorsements like that need to come from a 3rd party to be believed), tell your audience something new, surprising or interesting.

Your content should be communicated using different formats – a detailed whitepaper, a blog, an infographic or maybe a video. Different people respond to different things, so make sure you give yourself the best chance by catering for all preferences.


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