• The REaD Group PLC Environmental policy microsite
    The REaD Group PLC Environmental policy microsite


At the forefront of reducing waste in the Direct Marketing industry, our client has strong environmental credentials of their own, complying with a number of recommendations and policies, as well as implementing their own initiatives. In order to provide a single information resource for the company’s environmental activities, the client commissioned the design and development of a standalone microsite.

In addition to providing a public platform, the microsite would run on the client’s intranet to provide a central hub for members of staff to make suggestions and exchange ideas on how they can help the company to continually improve their practices.


The site was designed as a spoof scrapbook to promote a feeling of inclusion that would encourage contributions and generally present the client’s environmental policy in a light hearted manner.

Illustrated completely by hand, the scrapbook features elements of the client’s corporate branding re-drawn to harmonise with the freehand style. This is supplemented with the use of secondary graphical elements to highlight key messages along with reportage imagery of some of the client’s activities.

Although intended to appear random, thorough consideration was given to the composition in order to engage the user online and maximise readability.




Art direction


Flash development