• What is inbound marketing content?
    What is inbound marketing content?

What is inbound marketing content?

It’s important to create well written, targeted, interesting and informative articles that appeal to an individual target persona – and for a successful inbound marketing programme you’ll need to do this month on month.

It’s time consuming and you have to keep your content fresh and engaging. So you must invest the right level of resource and commitment into generating content.

Here are a few tips on how to manage this effectively:

1. It’s important to review your persona stories every 3 months to ensure they are still relevant. Are there any significant new challenges to the sector? Have their business needs changed? Are they still a relevant target audience for your business?

2. Look out for current news items you can use as the subject of a blog. Newsworthy content is likely to gain more immediate interest and give the impression that you’re in tune with world events and current affairs. It could be humorous – or it may be an observation on new legislation that may affect your industry. But you need to be quick – preferably publishing on the same day – and you need to take the post down as events supersede your comments.

3. Create different types of content to achieve different outcomes. Every company will be different with regards to the amount of content they produce – either for budgetary reasons, resource availability or audience requirements. But it’s important to kick-start any campaign with enough momentum to get it off the ground.

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