• Wycombe Wanderers Football Club Marketing resources
    Wycombe Wanderers Football Club Marketing resources


Substantial investment in the club’s conferencing, banqueting and hospitality facilities, designed to generate revenue streams on non-match days, required the club to re-position itself to the local business community. While the traditional club badge should be featured, the look and feel of the marketing resources had to be corporate focused to effectively promote the club at the forefront of their joined-up campaign.


Based on the club’s colour of dark blue, a tiled mosaic effect was designed to harmonise with the badge and produce a fresh, contemporary style. Its distinctive shape, with the tiles set in two sets of eleven and configured to homage common footballing formations, facilitates flexibility of output with the option to implement as a stand alone ID.

The geometric style of the mosaic provides the creative direction for the composition of the brochure and supporting collateral. Aesthetically, this results in a clean, clear rendering that portrays the desired image and raises the stature of the proposition.

The selection of imagery is from both the client’s own collection and general lifestyle photography. While focusing on the highly appointed newly built facilities, more general themes have been included to suggest enjoyment and, therefore, raise confidence that any event held at the client’s facilities would be a success.


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